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With over 200 members, we are one of the largest and most active societies on campus. We organise a variety of events for our members, ranging from social and sporting events to career and networking opportunities.

Our goal is to enhance the law student experience at the University of Edinburgh. Our remit can be divided into three main sectors: academic, sporting and social. 

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We look forward to meeting all of you!



Law Soc Sports Challenge 2021!


Covid lockdowns have had a huge impact on many aspects of our lives over the last twelve months but one major casualty of the pandemic has been sport. Sadly, the Scottish Government’s January lockdown saw another prohibition on team exercise and the final cancellation of our sports teams’ Intra-Mural and BUCS league seasons.


Exercise has such a positive impact on everyone’s mental health and provides a welcome distraction for many of our students from the workload of an LLB and from the toll that pandemic restrictions have taken on us all. It was therefore a major blow to see even more constraints placed on these activities as well as taking away the competitive spirit and camaraderie that our teams are so used to sharing on their Wednesday afternoons.

But we didn’t want our squads to go a full season without any kind of competition this season. Subject to social distancing rules and mixed-household limits, outdoor exercise was still allowed, and so we decided to organise an inter-team competition at the beginning of February. Our Football, Hockey and Netball teams all signed up for a one week Strava competition to try and walk, jog and run as far as they could!


The effort on show was great to see and we had over 40 players across our squads signing up and managing to cover a grand total of 3,435.3km between them over the week! The Football team were comfortable winners of our team event covering the furthest distance with a massive 1412.5km, and we also had several individual prizes including the fastest 5k, best route-shape on their strava map and ugliest running selfie. We were also delighted to make charitable donations to Shelter Scotland and Gamtalk, a gambling addiction charity, at the end of the week.


Frank Gill, Sports Representative 2020-21



Events Anchor

University of Edinburgh Law Society


Law Ball: The biggest event of the year. It all begins with the champagne reception before guests move into the main hall for dinner. Soon after comes a ceilidh, a karaoke party, and every year more surprises be it chocolate fountains or a good game of human twister. As it gets late, guests fade out and the after party comes alive.



The Law Society runs three student-run sports teams: Men's Football, Mixed Tennis and Women's Netball. 

Our netball team competes in Edinburgh University's intramural leagues, while our football team participates in both the intramural set up as well as the British University and College Sports leagues where we compete against University-run teams from other Scottish institutions.

Sports teams are an excellent way for our students to get to know their peers from across year groups in a relaxed environment as well as providing a welcome distraction from classes! All law students are welcome to join our teams, and students interested in trialling for Men's Football should contact the law society so that we can put you in touch with the football team.

We host an annual Sports Dinner where we celebrate the success of all of our teams. We usually host this at the end of our first semester and it is a great way for all students, sports player or not, to come together for a good time before the December exams and essays!


For any enquiries, including those regarding sponsorship, please get in touch using the form below:

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